Iced Coffee Thermodynamics

Note: Not really a poem, but a structured thought; I guess.

Imagine the atomic particles in your iced coffee;
how the ones on bottom are hot and moving much faster than the cold ones in the ice up top;
how their energy passes through the structured ice which falls to the new flow;
how the ice’s rigidity quells the coffee’s intense fire;
and for a beautiful few moments they are together as One
delicious beverage.


Why You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

Payday, I insert my paycheck, the numbers go up,

Groceries, I treat myself to a cake, and fill the basket with necessities,

Home, I take a slice, small but delicious,

Television, I turn it on, nothing but commercials,

Bites, small and satisfying, I take from my cake,

Bills, “fuck, this can’t be right,” I say spitting frosting on the paper,

Smoke, take my mind off it, I’ll go on the web,

Amazon, my mind’s off it, this looks nice,

Package, on my doorstep, fills me with excitement,

Lights, flip the switch, it’s still dark,

Fridge, open it up, food is spoiled,

Cake, enjoyable yet limited, already gone.

Babe Gets Jailed for Being an Anarchist, McCarthy is Back.

Today I read an article about a 20 something anarchist being jailed for not testifying against herself in a special court. Here is her statement before she was jailed. What the actual fuck? Why is this happening? Are we really headed toward another shameful witch hunt? This country is taking a turn toward 1984 and I for one will never be able to handle a society like that. I feel a great many people won’t either. This is the time to stop this. This is the time to peacefully request that the people who believe they have power stop being assholes or we will be forced to retaliate, and there are a great many more of than there are of them. It’s time to peacefully defend our land from our own government which threatens to tear it away from us. Thats not to say its their fault either, the poor fools lost all control long ago and the people who do actually care are considered idiots while we all suck the dicks of the people who line their pockets with our taxes.

Rise up, get empowered, blah, blah, you know the spiel.

P.S. here are a couple articles if you’re interested; I’ve always thought schools were prisons, this proves the school officials agree.

Punctuation as Expression, or How I Feel About the Subject

A comma, a beat rest for a beat change, a thought within a thought,
Then a full bar rest to let the whole sink in.

That’s probably right; I don’t really have a clear idea of it, nor do I of its half-rested partner.

Maybe my expression was in form of a question,
With an upward inflection?

Excitement! A feeling that flows,
From the depth and surface of our souls.

(Realizing)(knowing) how (you)(we)(I) feel in the (rules)(terms)(applications) of (culture)(language),
To (show)(express)(say) to others,
Using the (laws)(conditions)(terms) of a culture(language).

An Ant on my Glasses

Sitting on the grass feeling tiny tickles,
Dull green blades caress where my bare skin escapes its cage,

Lie down and sink into natures carpet,
Kind of itchy but more comfortable and timeless than grandma’s depression era thatch,

My ears twitch from an unfamiliar touch,
Relax, the wind is moving the blades to rub my ears ‘till I sleep,

Drowsily I stare up at the yellow/blue sky,
Light refracts through the cracks in my lens and stings my eye,

A little black dot crawls across my vision,
Resist fear and let him be; I’m here and so is he,

I remove the lens and replace him on the grass,
Contented is he to be at home here, surrounded by food, friends, and life.

sex and violence, opposite ends of the same spectrum

Why in the states do we glorify violence and abhor sex? Here tearing each other apart is a more holy of an act than ultimate communion between 2 human beings. We are so separated from each other that we fear intimacy. It scares me, our love of destruction, but what I fear more is the total destruction of intimacy in the future. We all fear dying alone so why do we condone killing each other over loving each other?

Poetic Description

Unicorns and minotaurs,
Horses with messy hair and some guy on a horse,
Seen in the distance in an age without glasses.

Adam and Eve,
Single cells and mitosis,
Expressed to a populace unfamiliar with the miniscule.

Fantastic and impossible?
Artistic license poetic description
Shown to inexperienced eyes.