Pick One

Name’yer favorite band,

right off hand.

Sure, ya can.

“Heard em asuh 8th-grader;

I’ll love ‘em forever.

No this’uns better.”

What’s that’ya say?

More got in th’way?

Well ya’can’t stray.

“I can’t choose;

I love all who’s

been my muse.”

Havin’ trouble son?

More than one?

Can’t be done.



Iced Coffee Thermodynamics

Note: Not really a poem, but a structured thought; I guess.

Imagine the atomic particles in your iced coffee;
how the ones on bottom are hot and moving much faster than the cold ones in the ice up top;
how their energy passes through the structured ice which falls to the new flow;
how the ice’s rigidity quells the coffee’s intense fire;
and for a beautiful few moments they are together as One
delicious beverage.

Poetic Description

Unicorns and minotaurs,
Horses with messy hair and some guy on a horse,
Seen in the distance in an age without glasses.

Adam and Eve,
Single cells and mitosis,
Expressed to a populace unfamiliar with the miniscule.

Fantastic and impossible?
Artistic license poetic description
Shown to inexperienced eyes.