An Ant on my Glasses

Sitting on the grass feeling tiny tickles,
Dull green blades caress where my bare skin escapes its cage,

Lie down and sink into natures carpet,
Kind of itchy but more comfortable and timeless than grandma’s depression era thatch,

My ears twitch from an unfamiliar touch,
Relax, the wind is moving the blades to rub my ears ‘till I sleep,

Drowsily I stare up at the yellow/blue sky,
Light refracts through the cracks in my lens and stings my eye,

A little black dot crawls across my vision,
Resist fear and let him be; I’m here and so is he,

I remove the lens and replace him on the grass,
Contented is he to be at home here, surrounded by food, friends, and life.


Forgetting the Fundamentals, Or Why the Devil is in the Details.

Effort and return:
We sit and eat and watch, effortless, while others play for us, useless, death,
Inflated and exalted, leeching life, dead
in spite of our heartbeat.
They work and produce what we consume, necessary, growth,
Laboured and tired, giving life, dead
in service of a better life.

Words spoken and written and agreed upon in meaning, clear, defined,
Created and evolved, describing reality, understood
by everyone.
Intentions confused in pretentious choices or purposeful misdirection, foggy, shapeless,
Hollowed and debased, meaning forgotten, understood
by no one.

We sing and dance and sip the wine, together, united,
Glorious and righteous, soaring accounts, lessened
for each other.
They weep from the pain in their stomachs, separate, untied,
Povertous and powerless, suffering dutifully, lessened
by the ones above.

Unity in separation, or one is all, all is one:
It created and grew and provided for us everything, generous, whole,
Separate and connected, encompassing all, living
as individual pieces.
We described and detailed it apart from each other, selfish, incomplete,
Separate and disconnected, dignifying differences, dying
as individual pieces.