sex and violence, opposite ends of the same spectrum

Why in the states do we glorify violence and abhor sex? Here tearing each other apart is a more holy of an act than ultimate communion between 2 human beings. We are so separated from each other that we fear intimacy. It scares me, our love of destruction, but what I fear more is the total destruction of intimacy in the future. We all fear dying alone so why do we condone killing each other over loving each other?


3 thoughts on “sex and violence, opposite ends of the same spectrum

  1. People love kim kardashian, she made a sex tape. People hate james holmes, he killed people. Playboy sells, cosmo sells, youporn makes money. Grand theft auto was met with harsh criticism… who’s we?

    • Or maybe Sex is personal, sacred, or private to more people than violence is, and violence is exciting because its scary, it makes your heart race, most people never experience graphic violence first hand, so were curious… we can satisfy our sexual urges in the bedroom, but our violent urges have to be satisfied at the movie theaters, with video games etc. That’s why it seems more prevelant, but maybe its not…

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