Money as a Contribution

The ability to exist in society, any society, is based on your contribution to said society. Money is earned by a perceived contribution to society and therefore money is a representation of your perceived contribution. Money is societies debt to you, a way of saying you did this for us here are the things we may do for you.

Now, perception is fickle, unlike reality, it can change at the sound of truth or lie depending on who said it and by how loud and how often. The common man is being swindled every day by the inflated perception of some people’s miniscule contribution. A creditor’s contribution, for example, is perceived to be more than a farmers but realistically it is not. A creditor lends money to people who don’t have any, creating a debt to society that the individual must later pay back after, hopefully, using that money to learn a skill that fills a need in society. So, a creditors contribution to society is allowing others to amass a societal credit. All very well and good it fills a need and drives the society forward. Another example would be a farmer, the stereotypically uneducated, uncivilized regular joe who grows nourishment and in essence allows everyone else to live. His contribution is society’s ability to continue living by being properly nourished and fed.

Whose contribution to society is greater in realistic terms? Well in my opinion the farmer, his life is spent growing and nurturing other peoples lives. The creditor’s only contribution is to give the ability to start contributing to society. However, sadly, the creditor’s contribution is perceived to be greater, they, therefore, are given a greater life.

the perception of money now is that it is the goal, not the means. It’s a way for you to track societies debt to you and yours to society but its not edible, it cannot protect you from a storm, nor can you cry on its shoulder. Money is nothing; food, shelter, and relationships are what’s real. Therefore the people in society that provide you with food, shelter, rest, or serve you in anyway deserve the best lives society can offer, not the people who hold on to or lend you thin paper shackles.