Gun Control, Climate Change, and Kim K’s Bodacious Booty.

I’m tired of asinine arguments. Any trending topic, gun control, climate change, discrimination, these are all incredibly important issues that internet people have turned into baseless jokes. It seems now no progress can be made. Anytime a nuanced, well-thought out, and researched argument comes along it is attacked and derided with opinions. It’s as if beliefs are now viable fact on par with science, statistics and research. It is despicable and dangerous that the social discourse has devolved in such a way.

Belief is especially dangerous because it needn’t be based in fact, it needn’t be based in anything except the believers will to believe. The truly terrible thing is that the more evidence one uses to debunk a belief the stronger the believers will is to hold on to it. Now this it’s fine that people hold on to beliefs I’m not arguing against that. However, it becomes a problem when these people go to vote, or make legislation. See, societies for a long time based law on belief because that’s all they had, there was no science or statistical analyses, but it’s 2015 and we’ve had these things for a while. So it’s time to stop believing and start knowing.

Now I’m not one to tell anyone how to live their lives. However, there is nothing wrong with telling you how I live my life so as to give an example. I hold no beliefs, each passing moment contains new information and thereby changing the situation beliefs will only hinder the decision making process. So I solely make decisions based on information, and you can to. You can even hold on to your beliefs but just leave them out of your argument and decisions. This way there is no fear of new information. You won’t have to change anything about yourself and you never have to admit your wrong, merely ignorant.

The problem with telling people to drop their beliefs, however, is that people will base their entire personality around them. That’s fine, thats their choice same as mine to not hold any beliefs, but when it comes to public discourse these people will throw their belief into the mix and bolster it with consensus. Consensus is not truth and that is what I see a lot of these believers arming themselves with. Facts become mere blips in the sea of cacophonous consensus. See a fact has to be based on something in objective reality, consensus just has to be repeated by enough people. As long as a group of people agree on something, regardless of its basis in reality, it is consensus.

I guess I’m just saddened and disheartened that belief and large groups of loud people have so much more power than truth and fact. It honestly scares me because a lot of the facts point to complete and utter destruction, and the consensus seems to be ignoring it for Kim K’s bodacious booty.


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